Spitfire Company

El Niňo od Johna Adamse, Gabriela Mistral a poslední scéna ve F*cking Beautiful Spring

A little girl
comes running,
she caught and carries a star.
She goes flying, making the plants
and animals she passes 
bend with fire.

Her hands already sizzle,
she tires, wavers, stumbles,
and falls headlong,
but she gets right up with it again.

The Christmas Star
by Gabriela Mistral (tr. Maria Giachetti)

Her hands don’t burn away,
nor does the star break apart,
although her face, arms,
chest and hair are on fire.

She burns down to her waist.
People shout at her
and she won’t let it go;
her hands are parboiled,
but she won’t release the star.

Oh how she sows its seeds
as it hums and flies.
They try to take it away–
but how can she live
without her star?

It didn’t simply fall–it didn’t.
It remained without her,
and now she runs without a body,
changed transformed into ashes.

The road catches fire
and our braids burn,
and now we all receive her
because the entire Earth is burning.


Spitfire Company je umělecká skupina zahrnující fyzické, experimentální a taneční divadlo.