So silent till

So silent till

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Komedie Theatre


(Pondělí) 19:30 - 21:00(GMT+02:00)

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Childhood ought to be untouchable. Full of imagination, purity, love and playfulness. However, occasionally something happens that will mark a child’s life forever. An intimate musical monodrama featuring a woman who decided to denounce
everything that happened to her when she turned from a child into a girl.
“It’s snowing. / It hasn’t snowed in years. / To become a snowflake… / and not to be, /
not to have a body.” These are the first words of Jana Šrámková’s libretto. They capture the feelings of children and adolescents who have suffered various forms of trauma with chilling accuracy. Trying to get rid of one’s corporeality is the
characteristic feature. What goes on in the heroine’s head before she stands up in front of the judge and points to the perpetrator? Won’t she drown in a maelstrom of her own memories? Can she understand herself through her child’s alter ego? Can she forgive herself and others?


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