24. 05. 2019

San Francisco International Arts Festival

Spitfire Company is going to perform at San Francisco International Arts Festival. Antiwords in USA already next week!

29. 04. 2019

Residency in Moving Station

The final part for trilogy named Constellations will have premiere in November 2019. We are starting rehearsal process for Constellations III. in our favorite Moving Station.

29. 04. 2019

Residency in UFA Fabrik Berlin

Spitfire Company just came back from the residency in Ufa Fabrik Berlin. Next rehearsal for new performance Underdogs will be in June in Hradec Králové. New performance is coming soon!

06. 05. 2018

Standing Ovation at Encontros do DeVIR

It was amazing success. We hope that we will come to Faro with other show. Thanks a lot.

16. 04. 2018

Miss AmeriKa - new performance by Spitfire Company

Spitfire Company is working on new premiere Miss AmeriKa. The performance by Miřenka Čechová and author collaboration with Martin Tvrdý. We had work in progress in Moving Station in Pilsner and we are preparing premiere in Palác Akropolis on 7th, 8th and 9th of May. Photo by Vít Štaif.